About Airon

Clean, fresh air where you live and work

Airon Technologies AG has been researching, developing and producing innovative, high-quality air purifiers for over ten years. Our products guarantee clean, fresh air wherever you live and work.

Our benchmark for quality is the clean, fresh mountain air high up in the untouched Swiss Alps, where there is no pollution – or almost none.

To protect your health and increase your wellbeing, Airon units filter out fine dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria, and unpleasant odors from the air. They also reliably keep down CO2 concentrations in the rooms where you live and work. What’s more, our air purifiers are not only extremely energy efficient, they are also quiet: set to night mode, you can hear a pin drop.

Swiss quality

As a Swiss company, Airon Technologies AG meets the highest standards of “Swiss Quality” when it comes to development, construction, design, manufacture, certification, sales and service.


For private and professional use

The high quality and reliability of our products is proven every day in both private and professional settings. Alongside commercial offices and business premises, our professional clients also include hotels and other public facilities.

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