Air purification with Airon

Airon’s air purification units ensure a level of air quality that not only meets the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), but exceeds them.

In order to guarantee optimal air quality, Airon units use sensors to automatically and continuously monitor air quality and adjust the system as required.

Through drawing in fresh air and filtering out fine dust, volatile organic compounds and other pollutants, Airon’s air purifiers ensure totally clean, fresh air.


People need plenty of fresh oxygen to feel well and perform at their best both physically and mentally. For interior spaces, this usually means: open the window. But open windows let pollution into the room. Airon Fresh is the answer. It automatically feeds a constant supply of clean, oxygen-rich fresh air into the room. There’s no longer any need to keep opening the window. Dirty external air, ozone and noise remain outside – while the interior climate is hygienically clean and can be warmed or cooled as needed.


The air we breathe contains a wide variety of pollutants of different sizes and types. This means that a single filter can never block the entire range of pollutants. This is why Airon units use a multi-filter system, which reliably takes care of the most important air pollutants and smells, and ensures you have pure air to breath at all times. The filters also keep out pollen and other allergens– which means allergy sufferers can now breathe freely again.


Airon air purifiers are more than just normal air purification units that remove pollution from the air. Airon units are a comprehensive solution delivering an optimal and hygienic indoor climate through automatically bringing lots of fresh, clean air into your room and removing stale air. You no longer have to keep ventilating rooms by opening windows - which means that dirty air and annoying noise remain outside. What’s more, you save on energy, as heated or cooled air cannot escape.

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